Trooper – The Life Guards


Trooper – The Life Guards: This is one painting that required a great deal of attention, especially when trying o capture the reflection in the Troopers cuirass. It is one painting that features in my book, ‘Paint & Create – How to Paint Like a Professional’ available from Amazon Books. It is a painting that I used as a stage-by-stage guide to show others how it came together as one beautiful painting. I love looking at it so that I can remind myself of just how hard it was to get everything just right. But, I have heard that many people wanted to buy it and didn’t realize that others were in the mind to buy it until it was too late. The good news is, however, that it is here as a Limited Edition print just waiting for you. Visit the shop for more gems like this one.

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Medium: Ink on 300gm W/C paper

A4 Size: 21×29.7cm or 8.27×11.69 inches
A3 Size: 29.7x42cm or 11.69×16.53 inches