Innocence: What is it that is most appealing about children? Is it simply their physical beauty? Is it their openness to loving and being loved? Their playfulness, their innate humor? Beyond these things, in my view, children are beautiful because they possess something that we have all lost – the quality of innocence.

Innocence is not merely lovely, it is heartbreaking. The gap between innocence and experience is endlessly explored, like a gap in a tooth, by artists and writers. I have felt in exile ever since childhood – not as a result of some traumatic experience, but the simple, slow dimmer switch of time passing and imagination coarsening.

But what is innocence? Like St Augustine on the subject of Time, ‘If you do not ask me what time is, I know it; if you ask me, I do not know.’

Regardless, it is time for tea so go wash your hands and do not give me that look, young lady.

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Medium: Acrylic on 300gm W/C paper

Original Size: 42cm x 29.7cm
A4 Size: 21×29.7cm or 8.27×11.69 inches
A3 Size: 29.7x42cm or 11.69×16.53 inches