Beanz Meanz Heinz


Beanz Meanz Heinz: You should try painting an abstract someone suggested. You will like doing that, I promise.

So, with those immortal words still rattling around my head in my quest for liking what I do, I chose a rather unusual concept to try out this wonderful new style of… abstraction. This will sit quite nicely next to the other pigeon hole labeled “Still Life” the box that remarkably still lies empty. Go figure. I remember showing the finished piece to the gallery owner who sold my work to the general populace. He told me “If you stand back near the door then your painting almost looks like a photograph of a real tin of beans.” Of course, and after a great deal of head-scratching declared that it was not quite his idea of an abstract. Maybe if I added a nose, or perhaps an eye, a lop-sided ear to the painting? “Nah!” he said, “that would just make it a piece of…”

Undaunted, I returned back to my studio where I whipped out a few more of these “abstractulous creations.” I think that his words were a blend of abstract and borderline ridiculous. But, anyway, you will have to excuse me while I go and give the police a statement. I’m quite sure that the gallery owner will make a full recovery after his fall from that ladder. Anyway, he was never cut out for a job as a window cleaner.

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Medium: Acrylic on 300gm W/C paper

Original Size: 42cm x 29.7cm
A4 Size: 21×29.7cm or 8.27×11.69 inches
A3 Size: 29.7x42cm or 11.69×16.53 inches