At The End of the Day


At the End of the Day: This is one painting that will resonate with every parent, aunt or uncle, as they quietly check on their child who has, by all accounts, had a rather busy day and is now fast asleep. Not even a heavy foot on that creaky old floorboard woke her. It is perhaps best that you quietly withdraw from the room so that the bright light from outside the room does not wake her. But, bleary-eyed or not, once this feisty little one is again fully awake, the house will hear her squeals of delight or her chatter as she plays with her dolly and teddy. But, be sure to visit the shop and see what else we have to offer.

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Medium: Ink on 300gm W/C paper

A4 Size: 21×29.7cm or 8.27×11.69 inches
A3 Size: 29.7x42cm or 11.69×16.53 inches