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The rare Red Panda

The Wildlife Collection was created from my love of animals and my time spent in Kenya. Much like wildlife artist, David Shepherd, who incidentally lived not far from us, my love of animal artistry also brought me into contact with the animal charity ArAnimA based in Nantes, France. It acts to promote the defense of the environment by mobilizing the artistic creation of the whole world. I donated the original painting (far right) of the elephant and calf to enable them to raise some much needed funds.

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There is something about dance and the movement of the ballerina, either as an ensemble or individual, that is a challenge for every artist. This is probably why the art world buys so many of those bendy wooden mannequins. Of course, using your daughter's Barbie doll for the same purpose does tend to attract a few stares from those who think they know what you are doing, unlike your now angered daughter.

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Children? What is there not to love about them, esecially when you get to hand them back to their parents when you have sated your appetite, or have exhausted your supply of diapers and are now forced to using kitchen roll. Then there is that unforgettable day out at the seaside where every other word was "Are we there yet?" Nowadays, however, you would be lucky to get a word from any of them what with these new gadgets they seem to pour over. I have a mobile phone. I use it to make phone calls on. But no. The best time of the day when you have children, it when they are safe and sound asleep in bed.

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Closer to Thee is a series of paintings from when one gets the urge to paint something "spiritual" just to ensure that you have a bargaining chip when you finally get to those pearly gates only to find that they're locked... and chained. It also gave me the opportunity to use my packets of gold leaf on the painting, as well as my fingers, hair line, ears, nasal passages, floor, furniture...

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The countryside can be a wonderful place to set up one's easel, secure that extra large canvas to the easel, and then stand back in order to gaze at the vista. It would not be the first time I have witnessed a group of "Plein aire" artists trying to get to that distant gate or hedgerow before the bull. Move on a few years, disregarding the canvas that was impacted upon by a series of cattle hooves, we now have paintings created by elephants, chimpanzees and other animals that are happy to eat what they paint.

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Food and drink. The two things that pass through that small orifice that sits under your nose, the one that is responsible for the large overhang that prevents you from looking at your feet. I know and I apologise if one of my paintings or illustations convinced you to grab a take-out from that burger joint. I was paid to do it and like you, I too have to eat. 

Now, if the wall next to you has lights sticking out of it, then it's more than likely that you are drunk and have fallen backwards from your bar stool. Enjoy the paintings and, if they make you feel hungry or in need of a bottle of wine, I apologize.

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The year was 2012. The setting was London. The event was the Olympics and the fervor sweeping the country. It was one of those times when the best of the best was determined to go for gold. 

I was tasked by the gallery to produce a series of paintings that depicted those athletes who were going for gold. It was a challenge that I was happy to accept if only to prove that I was up to the challenge.

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Harry Potter is a name known all over the world as are the exploits of Hermoine Granger and Ronald Weasley not to mention a cast of characters we have all come to either love or hate. Two of my favorites are Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch. Everyone hated that woman in pink. Everyone loved Rubeus Hagrid.

It was therefore the more sad when Richard Harris, the original Dumbledore, died and shortly thereafter Alan Rickman who played Professor Severus Snape.

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The Harry Potter Collection
Les Miserables

The 2010 25th Celebration of Les Miserables at the O2 Arena in London was the turning point for me with regard to this wonderful production. It was one that sparked a series of paintings that were viewed my followers around the world. It featured Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean, Norm Lewis as Javert, Lea Salonga as Fantine, Nick Jonas as Marius, Katie Hall as Cosette, Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras, Samantha Barks as Éponine, Mia Jenkins as Young Cosette, Robert Madge as Gavroche, Matt Lucas and Jenny Galloway as the Thénardiers, and Earl Carpenter as the Bishop of Digne.

This is one collection where you can share in this production by owning a signed "Limited Edition" print that you can frame or the original painting. There is, however, only one of those. It will be a very lucky person who gets to own that. Visit the shop to see the collection.

There has always been a great deal of controversy as to just who discovered America first. Was it Christopher Cloumbus, or the Inuit Eskimo? My money was on the Inuit until it was recently discovered that the Vikings in their long boats sailed down the Eastern shores of Newfoundland and Virginia. They may have traveled further. The search for evidence continues. 

In the mean time I managed to paint, and frame, a large A2 size painting of a native American that has been exhibited here. I will, at some point, be adding to the collection. You can see the painting by visiting the shop.

Native American Indians
Automobiles and NHRA

There are many facets to drag racing, one being speed and the other being that the race is generally over before your eyes can focus on the blurred object that flashed by in an instant. 

There are many venues stateside such as Daytona and a selection of NHRA Race Venues scattered across the length and breadth of America. In the UK there is the Santa Pod raceway im Bedforshire which mimics, weather permitting, those famous tracks in California.

The John Force Racing family have built a healthy reputation around drag car racing and those familiar with the sport don't need me to remind them of just who they are. But, as if to prove a point, there is a selection of paintings that can grace any wall for sale from the shop.

The one thing that you have here in order to distract those taking part in the action are not delectable female cheerleaders but Rodeo Clowns. These brave individuals are always on hand to help drag the unseated cowboy from beneath the hooves of a prancing one-ton prime beef bull. Did you want fries with that cowboy?

On top of that you have the guys and gals who race between two sturdy barrels that are usually filled with dirt and the occasional Rodeo Clown. Gotta love those guys, always wanting a slice of the action. I am fortunate in that I have a nephew who is quite savvy when it comes to snapping cowboys, wildlife, panoramic views etc, a person well acquainted with Calgary and the Texan way of life - him being a Texan and all. Thank you Matthew, you're a keeper.

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The Rodeo Collection
The Egyptian Series

Of the many places that I would have loved to have visited would have been Egypt. As it was, we landed in Khartoum to refuel our Hercules C130. Now, while Khartoum may have been the stomping ground for Lawrence of Arabia, we were only there for breakfast and to refuel our ride home. Respects to Gordon of Khartoum, et al, but our flight is ready to depart. There is a mountain of mystery surrounding Giza, the building of the Pyramids and the fact that Nefertiti is probably hidden behind a wall within Tutankhamun's tomb. I would, however, consider myself a little too long in the tooth to learn how to read hieroglyphics. That said, I am always fascinated by Egyptian art and the fact that much of their writing was by way of icons that are thought to depict the sound of the word. 

There are other aspects about Ancient Egyptian history that are beyond human capabilities and are alien to our way of thinking. Visit the shop for more of these wonderful artworks.

This is perhaphs one of the most viewed selection of paintings that commemorate those people we are proud to call a hero. One of these paintings has already being viewed and commented on by the curator at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. They were inundated by works of art to memorialize this tradgedy and so kept hold of the painting given the emotional content I had captured with my brush.

These are paintings of true hero's such as astronauts, fighter jet pilots, firemen, the list is endless and will be added to over time. As one might expect there is something here for everyone, including the space shuttle Discovery pictured being prepared for a night flight.

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The Egyptian Series
Stars of Stage and Screen

Welcome to my world, that of stage and screen, and the one that cost me the five toes on my right foot when I fell from a film set and collided with some heavy metal flight cases used to store film equipment. That said, the show must go on.

Having worked closely with a great many stars, most will tell you that they hate to see people making a living from selling or using their image. Others, of course, thrive on the notoriety. That said, I have managed to paint some of my favorite people although one can never profess to having one particular favorite just in case you upset one, or two. Choosing a person or theme to paint largely depends on buyer interest. It stands to reason that there is little point in painting something, or someone, if there is no interest. My two favorites from this clutch of paintings would be...

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As the saying goes "When in Rome - Do as the Romans Do" unless you are stateside and your brother-in-law tells you to change the tee-shirt because "you look like a tourist." So, when in America, do as the Americans do, and stay clear of the tourists.

Now, thinking about outstanding paintings created by Jack Vettriano, our two lovers have spread themseles wide and far to places such as New York, Paris, London and a few other places you just might know. Of course, our two lovers are not as grand as Vettriano's, so we were able to dispense with the maid, butler and entourage.

There is also a greater offering of signed "Limited Edition" prints that are for sale from the shop.

The Music Series

The Music Series came about as a prelude to the BBC Proms television program. The gallery that displayed an sold my work were heavily involved with musicians based close to the television studios and the Royal Albert Hall from where the Proms were televised.

Encouraged to paint a variety of musically inspired pieces that would be purchased by musicians and music lovers that followed the series, it later transpired that much of what I had been told was slightly ambiguous to say the least, Still, I was able to include several of the paintings in my book Paint & Create - How To Paint Like A Professional, one that sold around the world and a second edition that is available through Amazon Books.

There are some stunning paintings here so go visit the shop and have a look.

If I had to choose which two were my most favorite operas then I would have to say Aida and Madame Butterfly. But, and since I accidentally spilt my drink and two bags of popcorn all over the dress circle floor, my days at the opera are no more.

So, painting the various scenes while listening to the music through headphones it was set to be. It's all foriegn to me anyway since I cannot understand a word they are saying.

If you get to order a copy of Paint & Create you will see that I have included Mimi from the opera La Boheme and the cold-hearted Princess Turandot among others. Of course there is a series of paintings that form the Operettas.

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The Operettas

As the name suggests, the key theme here is water. So be you sailor, fish or someone who just loves to be on or under the sea, then you're in the right place. When I first started painting I used to avoid water, feathers and fur plus still-life and abstracts. Things were kind of limited in what I was able to paint until I went to University to learn all about art, including sculpture in wood, stone and clay.

By the end of my tutelage I was a master of all that I surveyed. But, unable to survive on the pittance I could command, I became a draughtsman. From there I progressed to Senior Design Draughtsman and so on and so forth. Precision was the key word I often heard and it was used quite a lot. So, when it comes to looking at my paintings and the precision that is used on each painting, then now you know where it cam from.

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When the wife asked me if I could paint women my immediate answer was "I don't know, I'll give it a bash, as you do." A year or say later I heard her say "Enough women already, try painting some landscapes for a change." or words to that effect. Now, and this is faily common for men, but what I heard was put down that bowl of Ambrosia and start eating these wonderful Brussel sprouts. The Women of Beauty collection is, unsurprisingly, vast and quite a few of my paintings now live in America, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Europe. There are some that I regret selling but I'm not painting them for me, these paintings are all for you. The idea is that you buy one or two, have them framed in order that you can spend the rest of your time looking at them. They won't move or hide should you happen to look away, nor will they fade in sunlight, so you can go and do other things in the mean time. I know, it's like being forced away from your Ambrosia to eat plate after plate of Brussel sprouts. You can blame me for that.

You can see more of my work in the shop.


As you will no doubt soon discover silhouettes are not negative black and white images simply because if you replace the black with a color, any color, and likewise the white with yet another color, you will eventually end up with a painting that looks as if it was produced by Andy Warhol. This in turn would make you the owner of a very expensive piece of artwork. So you see there is more to a piece of black and white art than meets the eye. It could in fact be sepia, or purple... any color you care to mention as long as it is no more than three, four at the most, but no more. 

But then... see, this is where I get my knuckles wrapped by the establishment when they state that a silhouette must be no more than two colors otherwise it will no longer be a silhouette. I know... I don't make the rules. This basically means that you can do whatever you want as long as you call it art and not a silhouette.

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There are a great many people who believe that "a print" limited or otherwise, is just a print. That it somehow worthless, something that you can just dicard if it gets damaged, a little like those prints we all purchased in the 70s. So let's be clear about this, these prints are delivered rolled in a tube. They are custom made to order and not part of a massive production run. Each print is made by us so we know that it is a perfect representation of the original. These are unique. TIn fact, they are so unique they are not available anywhere else, but if you do happen to see one that is not signed, or if it looks a biy iffy, as if it fell from the back of a truck, then it's a fake, what you will have is a genuine conterfeit reproduction. You will know quality when you see it. Let me put it this way, when you place one of these prints next to the original, then because it is printed on the same 300 gram Langton watercolour paper... the two look and feel identical. One will be the original, the other will be a genuine copy made by the artist and for that you have my word. You can view more of these images by visiting the shop.


The "Birds On A Wire" series were an instant hit when they first went on sale. That said, we decided not to allow them to go nationwide stuck to a million and one lunch boxes, on drink containers or on a variety of greeting cards, simply because, at that time, we could not guarantee the quality of the product. That part would soon be taken out of our hands and the general public would be left with a shoddy product that had our name on it. So we are selling Limited Edition Prints of this series.

As with all our products you can be assured that the designs are unique, limited edition and signed by the artist. You can also arrange to have your own design created by Jon and hold the master artwork so that it will appear nowhere else. It will be a genuine "one-off" that you, and you alone, own. You can see more from this series by visiting the shop.

The Fragrance Range consists of five delightful paintings that will invigorate the senses each time you see them. We have many customers around the world who have used these illustrations to decorate their kitchen, much to the joy of their visitors. We have added many variations to this theme such as printed wall tiles and coffee mugs, however the main product are these wonderful prints. We will, when time allows, be adding to these so it is always best to visit the shop to see what else we have to offer.